Miu Miu

Miu Miu was started in 1992 by Miuccha Prada, the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, founder of the famous Prada fashion house. The brand, a subsidiary of the Prada group, is best known for a fashion collection that caters to the young and modern. Today, Miu Miu has stores all over the world, from Milan to Hawaii.

Miu Miu is noted for designs that are classic with an edge of daring. As the Prada website defines the brand, it’s “where an ingrained elegance meets immediacy and lightness…where sophistication meets nonchalance.” Miu Miu dresses range from everyday fashion, such as breezy halter top frocks, to garden party summer dresses, to glamorous red-carpet-worthy evening gowns. Other Miu Miu ensembles are a fun combination of simple lines and cool touches, ready to wear in both daytime and evening situations. Miu Miu shoes are yet another fashionable facet of the brand; the shoes are probably best recognized for high heels that make legs look longer and slimmer. Each pair is a fashion statement in itself! Handbags by this luxury line are also great accessories to any dress ensemble – the designs are both feminine and practical.

With endorsement by celebrity style icons and fashionistas in Hollywood and elsewhere, the Miu Miu brand has definitely succeeded in reaching out to its target market. Miu Miu is at the pinnacle of fashion for the young generation.